Prospective Members

hillschurchInformation for Prospective Members

Because NWC performs with several different orchestras, our concert season is variable, to say the least. Generally, the season runs from fall through spring (as with most other area groups); sometimes, one or two concert opportunities occur during the summer as well. Participation in specific concerts is subject to members’ own availability and willingness to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule. Members are not required to participate in every concert. However, to remain on the active membership list, members are requested to participate in at least one concert per year.

Rehearsals generally take place on Sundays from 6:00 to 8:30 pm in Wallace Chapel (not the main sanctuary) at Hills Church, 207 Washington St., Wellesley Hills, MA. NWC does not rehearse every week. The number of rehearsals scheduled for a particular concert depends on the complexity of the music and the overall familiarity with it of the singers who have signed up to participate in that concert.

NWC does not impose dues or other fees. Occasionally, members have to purchase music. Otherwise, the only costs to members are those associated with travel to rehearsals and performances. In some cases, members receive remuneration for parking or other expenses associated with performing in a specific concert.

If you are interested in auditioning for NWC, please go to our Contact page, briefly summarize your vocal experience, and submit the form.

Note: The soprano section currently is at full capacity, so NWC is not accepting new soprano members at this time.