Calendar of Events

Our calendar shows when and where we will be performing next, as well as other events of interest to our members and supporters.


Hindemith with Boston Conservatory Brass Ensemble
Mar 31 @ 8:00 pm

New World Chorale joins the Boston Conservatory Brass Ensemble, under the direction of Larry Isaacson, for a performance of Apparebit repentina dies by Paul Hindemith. This work, for mixed chorus and brass instruments, was written for the Symposium on Music Criticism at Harvard University in May 1947.

This concert is free to attend. It also will be live streamed here:

Mahler Symphony No. 3 with Lexington Symphony
Apr 15 @ 7:30 pm

Join us for Mahler’s colossal and powerful Third Symphony. As the composer himself wrote:

“Just imagine a work of such magnitude that it actually mirrors the whole world—one is, so to speak, only an instrument, played on by the universe…My symphony will be something the like of which the world has never yet heard!…In it the whole of nature finds a voice.”